Celebrating Mothers

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! We went out to brunch in which we all were so full and bloated after we just fell asleep when we got home and had vegetable soup and salad for dinner… well, I did and my mom just slept from 7pm onwards. This dress is what I wore and kind of just switched my purse for the photos with my mom since I thought hers looked better LOL.

And that’s why I’m carrying my pink clutch in the above photo. My brother is missing from the photo because he’s got his finals and is at school studying literally 12 hours a day so he really couldn’t afford to make it. Don’t worry, he still gave her a really lovely bouquet of flowers.

My dress and my sister’s saddle bag are from Peru, both our shoes are from Aldo, her dress is from Gap, my belt is from H&M, the purse is my mom’s which is Nina Ricci, her sunglasses are Ray Ban.

In celebration of mothers everywhere, let me get a little critical. Have you seen those Klondike bar commercials? I had just seen the one where, in order to get the Klondike bar, a husband has to listen to his wife for five seconds. Here is the commercial

After celebrating Mother’s Day, I found this commercial to be incredibly offensive. The husband is rewarded for listening to his wife. I mean, since when did we need to reward simple respect? Especially for your wife?! This commercial promotes the terrible stereotype that women talk incessantly about nothing and that listening to women is not only a chore to be rewarded, but that listening is not even a norm. It is a tremendous effort that should be recognized with a reward. How does this even get approved?!

I googled ‘Klondike misogynistic ad’ and came across this article. I was horrified to find that they had another ad that was just as offensive; but this time extremely homophobic. Because of the advertisements’ offensive messages that really have nothing to do with the ice cream product their selling, I will not be purchasing any of their products.

Sorry to end off on such a heavier note but I really think it’s important to be aware as conscientious customers. We shouldn’t be blind or willfully ignorant if we have the capacity to voice our criticisms.

  1. Brenton Chin said:

    nice blog! haha do u mean ur not going to purchase Klondike bars? or that you won’t purchase any Unilever products?

    • Klondike bars. Unilever is a company with many products, and I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that every product has its own ad company and ‘creative’ team working on the marketing. It’s really difficult to reconcile this ad with, for example, Becel’s red dress campaign.

  2. You look really modern in the first photo!
    Not that you don’t usually look that way but now it stands out because of that tall building.

    You know what commercials bother me, the ones where the woman is always the one doing the cleaning,cooking and raising the kids…and in the end you see a husband in a suit…It just reinforces the idea that a woman’s place is in the house and a man’s place outside the house…

    • Thank you! And yes, I entirely agree with you. It’s like advertising has not actually caught up with the reality of the two-income household. I’m really glad that you’re engaged. I think being aware and being able to criticize is really important in the progression towards genuine equality.

      • It’s really strange, people think women have become emancipated but they still earn less than men, don’t fill any high positions on the work space and most women aren’t all that financial indepent after getting married. Which becomes a problem once you (want to) file for divorce.

  3. I love your use of neutrals with the stripes! Classy!

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