The Parisian Prairies

I bought this maxi skirt last year and I still love it for the summer. It’s kind of a cross between boho and country and in this outfit I tried to dress it up with stripes and my hat, both of which are from Paris, hence the title.

Oh, by the way, I didn’t collapse at hot yoga on Wednesday, hurrah! I did have a major headache afterwards, but I’m going to attribute that to my lack of pre-hydration. It’s definitely challenging but it does feel refreshing afterwards, even though you’re literally drenched in your own sweat. I also finally started Virginia Woolf’s “Three Guineas” and five pages in I felt compelled to write some more of my ‘intellectual’ notes but we’ll see if I decide to share them. Virginia Woolf, though, was such a remarkably talented writer. Her non-fiction is written almost colloquially which makes it more accessible, yet her arguments do not lose their merit in compromising for a casual tone. I emphatically recommend her, even if you’re not a feminist.

Skirt from Zara, shirt and hat from Paris, single crystal necklace my mom picked up at a Japanese bazaar, fake pearls and oxfords from Aldo, bracelet from Paired Hummingbirds, purse from Club Monaco, belt from H&M.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! We’re taking my mom out for brunch and today I bought her a bouquet of roses. What are you guys doing to celebrate your beloved mom?

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  1. allaboutme8 said:

    Keep the dress trove it

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