It’s been awhile since I wore something a bit more men’s wear inspired, and I thought these loafers were the perfect opportunity to create such an outfit. At the same time, I added these hard accessories for some female indicators but kept them on the tougher side.

The loafers were actually my mom’s from when she had to wear a uniform for school which is why they look a little more weathered. They’re actually really comfortable and again, so on point with this year’s loafers trend. The shirt was my dad’s that I’ve worn previously before in quite a different way!

Men’s shirt and belt were my dad’s, jeans are Nudie, loafers were my mom’s, cuff and necklace from Joe Fresh, purse is Louis Vuitton.

So in my new-found freedom, I’ve been doing a whole bunch of nothing. I did happen to go down to the Nifty for Fifty sale down on Main St., with various local designers and shops offering up their goods at $50 or less!

I picked up a lovely bracelet Paired Hummingbird which takes old vintage pieces and re-works them into beautiful contemporary pieces; kind of like how I’m always raiding my parent’s closet to re-appropriate their old pieces. I absolutely love the button embellishment added on my bracelet!

Hope you’ve all been just as happy and relaxed as I have!!

    • They are! Since they were my mom’s they’re worn in so I don’t need to break them in. It’s amazing that they have lasted for almost 40 years!

  1. Nice outfit! I love wearing menswear inspired clothes with a feminine twist and you have done it well :]

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