Shadow Games and Feminist Frequency

It’s been extremely nice weather lately in Vancouver! Unfortunately, it coincides with my study week as my final exams are all crammed together next week. But while I was studying, I did take a small break to take these shots, courtesy of my sister whom I kindly paid back in sushi for her services.

These shorts are actually my old bootleg jeans that I cut and cuffed. I didn’t foresee myself wearing them as they were in their original form since they were a little loose and well-worn (they’re four years old), and… bootleg. If I need my bootleg jeans, I still have two other pairs anyway.

Leather jacket from Danier, tank top Propaganda from Plenty, denim shorts are Seven for All Mankind, ankle booties are Aldo, purse is Fendi, necklace was my great aunt’s, hat from Daiso

I don’t anticipate being able to put up a proper Sunday Songs post tomorrow, so instead I thought I’d introduce a revelation in pop cultural feminist analysis that was recently introduced to me by my friend, Kevan. I don’t think I realized it until university, but I am quite passionate about feminism; it’s why I keep promoting female poets in my Sunday Songs section and kept urging you to read and watch The Hunger Games.

This video is one of many by Feminist Frequency in which she analyzes much of pop culture through a critical feminist eye. I agree almost entirely with everything she says and I highly recommend seeing the rest of her videos when you have the time. It is important to really think and contemplate what she is saying to make more informed decisions about your next purchases in the consumption of Hollywood, and entertainment in general.

    • Thanks! It’s a great way to re-incorporate something back into your wardrobe after years of disuse

    • Thank you! It’s kind words like this that are so important to motivation and dedication.

  1. This is the perfect look for transitioning into spring! So pretty – love the colours, the accessories, everything! And excited to check out this video as well. Hope your week is off to a good start so far love!

    Alexandra xo

    • Thanks! Super easy to make too; I’m far from a DIY/crafty person.

    • Why thank you!! I think a lot of people think they can’t but it just really takes that leap of faith to just try it!

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