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Welcome back from the long weekend! I hope you all had a wonderfully sunny and relaxed four days, I know I did! It turned out to be another lovely day yesterday so my sister and I went out downtown and she snapped some photos for me. (Thank you!!)

I’ve recently been debating a lot over whether I should advertise my own twitter account. From a marketing standpoint, I should be doing almost everything I can in social media to ‘communicate’ and ‘connect’ with my potential blog followers. But the thing is, I use my personal twitter account a lot, and some of things I say won’t be relevant to anyone else but me and my friends. I can also say some really offensive things because I’m rather liberal and this might not go well with some people’s own set of morals. So take this as my own “follow me with discretion” and only if you’re not too sensitive.

My twitter account is: lalalalainat
Of course, I’ll always update when my newest posts are up and feel free to follow me on instagram which I just got for my android at amuseume

Printed blazer was my mom’s (there were shoulder pads that I had to remove LOL), layered chiffon tank from Club Monaco, printed shorts from H&M, oxfords and tote bag from Aldo, sunglasses from Joe Fresh

My parents booked their trip to Paris for May and I’m so excited and jealous of them! They’ve never been to Europe before so this will be a really great trip for them. My sister and I went to Paris two years ago and I absolutely loved it. I certainly wish I could go too, but I currently have to save (almost) all my money for my semester in Manchester.

Here’s a couple photos of our trip, back when I had my long hair.

Happy Tuesday!

  1. Great photos! If you are wanting to connect your blog with twitter but don’t want to use your personal account you can always create a new twitter account just for the blog. That might help to keep things separated and not so confusing.

    Tim P.

    • Thanks! I have considered making a new twitter account as well but I feel like it would be annoying to have two different ones to update. The personal one is my go-to and always easily accessible, while my hypothetical amuseume account would just be left alone unless I had something new up on the blog… Hm, I don’t know yet. Thanks for the input =)

  2. Your mom must have been as trendy as you, I loved her lace top from your post Crayons and it’s nice to see that you raid your moms wardrobe haha! Love the look, before this post I would have been too scared to use two printed pieces but it obviously works! Oh, and those sunglasses are fabulous! 🙂

    • Haha yes, raiding my mom’s closet is my form of vintage shopping. It’s also amazing to me that so many of her things have just come back into style; fashion always returns to the past for present inspiration. Thanks for the lovely compliments!

  3. Great style. Love the way u look with short hair:) Amazing blog! Keep up the great work. XO

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