Sunday Songs x Sibling Rivalry

Leather jacket, button up and t-shirt from The Gap, jeans are APC, boots from Aldo, sunglasses are vintage Ray Bans, red bracelet is Mono (ordered off Colette), brown and beaded bracelet from PeruSo… I know I haven’t posted in a week. I’m so, so sorry but thank you for those who kept visiting and getting disappointed that I had nothing new up. It was my last week of classes which meant all of my term papers were due and somehow I ended up with way more shifts at work than usual. With everything compounded, plus my piano lessons, I ended up pulling two all-nighters and cultivated some extremely erratic sleeping patterns. Regardless, I’m finally finished! Well… except for finals but I don’t need to worry about that until later, right?

So to make up for it, I added another element to today’s post: my brother! Despite what the title suggests, we actually have a great relationship. Oddly enough, despite my 5’3-ness, my brother somehow turned out 6 feet tall.

I never thought I’d say this, but I think I actually LOVE these gold jeans. When I first bought them, I was a little iffy about them but I’ve worn them quite a few times since, and I’m so happy I bought them! Also, this leather jacket was a very recent purchase of mine. I had been looking for a leather jacket for awhile and am IN LOVE. Be warned, you’ll likely see this jacket quite frequently from now on!

Leather jacket from Danier, white sleeveless button up from H&M, gold jeans from Joe Fresh, ankle booties from Aldo, purse is Rebecca Minkoff, necklace from Front & Co., sunglasses from Mintage

We bloomed like spontaneous rapture in that unknown hour of night
By day’s reveal we left ourselves exposed to the penetrating light

We did not shrivel and wither away in the oppressive heat
But flourished like hope at the sight of dawn in a city of defeat

Yet when these petals fall and the ravenous scent of floral leaves no trace
Our roots shall remain intertwined like the wrinkles on our face

Thought it had been awhile since I added in one of my own poems which of course, has no title since I hate coming up with titles. Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend! Here’s a gratuitous shot of a prime rib sandwich from the American Cheesesteak Company on Davie and Granville. I highly recommend it!

P.S. All the photos were taken either by me or my brother so they’re not quite as nice this week because we’re both big noobs but it’s the boy’s turn to die in a pile of papers. Besides, I really have to practice my photography skills so my apologies again!

  1. No worries I think the photo’s look good!
    Nice twist with your brother!

    • Thank you! My sister was in a post of mine back in January so thought I should feature my brother to make things fair =P

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