Colour Correct

So as you can probably tell, I’m really into colour this season! After the darkness of winter, it just feels so refreshing to be alive in bright colours. I love this new coat I just picked up from Joe Fresh. It comes in royal blue, white, and black as well but the best part is it’s only $29!!!!!!! The orange underneath the collar is brilliant nod to the brand without being obnoxious while playing off the colour blocking trend.

The oxford shirt is also from Joe Fresh and I’m tempted to go back and get the other colours since they’re only $19!!!! I seriously love Joe Fresh but I really wish their pant sizes ran smaller since the smallest size is often too big or loose on me. The colour of the shirt plays really well against the pants as a light palette ensemble.

Coat and button up from Joe Fresh, belt and pants from H&M, peep-toe sling backs from Aldo, purse from Club Monaco

Yesterday I had one of those days where I thoroughly enjoyed my lectures (except one of them which is completely expendable). I think if I was set for life, I’d leisurely spend another four years in school taking more humanities courses like philosophy, religion, and political science. Unfortunately, that is never going to happen but my main point is that there’s always more to learn and that education is extremely satisfying and thoroughly enjoyable. This concludes my PSA on staying in school.

  1. Great pictures and I totally agree, your outfit looks very refreshing and vibrant!

  2. moresequinsplease said:

    love your color blocking on this outfit!! Beautiful!!!!!

    • Thank you!! It’s so much fun to play with all these different colours and make them work.

  3. You look so radiant! signs of spring are in the background, but you are the prettiest colourful flower in that park! So great that Joe has some great staple pieces AND some fun trends that are so affordable!

    • Thanks!! I know, I was totally surprised too; a great steal!

  4. aliciafashionista said:

    Love the colour combo going on here! And I just might have to go to Joe Fresh and check out this jacket in person. It’s so beautiful 🙂

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