Sunday Songs: O Hell

O Hell

To clear the drifts of spring
Of our forebear’s excrements
And bury the subconscious archives
Under unaffected flowers

Indeed —

Our person is a covered entrance to infinity
Choked with the tatters of tradition

Goddesses and Young Gods
Caress the sanctity of Adolescence
In the shaft of the sun.

— Mina Loy

So the above two photos pretty much have nothing to do with the poem except that they were taken during the summer by my boyfriend on his film SLR… and that has to do with the poem because of um the implications of the past and the sunniness of the photos. Yeah, I know. It’s a bit of a stretch but they’re good photos nonetheless.

Mina Loy was an early 20th century writer, recently canonized with the Modernists. She was heavily influenced by the Futurists in Italy until she realized that basically they were chauvinistic assholes. However, the influences are quite evident in the poem. Basically, the past of history, the past of ourselves prevents what truly is and truly could be. It laments the inability to simply erase the past with the new birth of spring, to cover tradition underĀ  ‘unaffected flowers’. As many of the Modernists write, the past never stays in the past. It is as present as this very word you’re reading. The last part of the poem is a celebration of youth, not for it’s physical beauty but for it’s newness, the lack of a past and it’s consequences.

I just caught The Hunger Games last night and Oh. My. God. A book to movie has NEVER been so satisfying!!!!!!!!!! I really can’t recommend the trilogy and the movie enough. Having read the books, the movie does it justice and is far more satisfying than the Harry Potter movies ever were compared to the books. I highly recommend both the books and the movies. If you have a daughter, I’d urge you to indulge and discuss The Hunger Games. There aren’t enough strong female protagonists and Katniss Everdeen is a rarity for young girls to look up to. Otherwise, I’m just going to keep preaching about the gospels of Tina Fey’s Bossypants.

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  1. I really need to read the books soon, my boyfriend is dying to see the movie but I feel like I won’t be doing it justice if I don’t read the book beforehand! Loving these pics too, can’t wait for the summer!

    Alexandra xo

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