I went to the dentist yesterday and though I don’t hate it as much as the general stereotype of hating the dentist goes, it certainly isn’t pleasant. I swear I have genetically weaker teeth which is why I always have new cavities when I go for my check-up.

The coat I’m wearing in the above photos is my go-to coat. I just throw it on top of anything to brace the cold and I love that it has a cocoon shape and a large collar which makes it infinitely more interesting than the lululemon jackets everyone wears in Vancouver.

I chose the pink clutch to add a popping element of fun for this outfit. Without it I feel it would have been much more ‘serious’. The silver ring on my right hand has become one of my staple rings, next to the gold one that I’ve had forever. My boyfriend made it for me out of a Canadian silver quarter. The nail polish is Joe Fresh; 3 for $10 or one for $4! Seriously, what a steal.

Haha look at my hair flying in the wind!  Anyways, happy Friday everyone! I really hope tomorrow’s big production (I’m being vague, it’s a dinner theatre play/improv show) goes well after months of planning and rehearsing.

Black coat is Vila, faux fur vest and sleeveless button up from H&M, faux leather leggings from Top Shop at The Bay, shoes and clutch from Aldo, necklace from Front and Co.

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  1. I am seriously in love with that coat! The pop of pink is the perfect punch of colour, you look beautiful as always. Good luck on the big show coming up!

    Alexandra xo

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