Simplicity Lifted

I decided to go with a light and simple outfit to go with my pastel blue skirt that is actually my mom’s from the late 70’s. If I knew she owned this earlier, I don’t think I would have gotten my dark navy pleated skirt from h&m, but oh well. This one is perfect for summer, no? I wanted to go very simple with this outfit to keep the almost ethereal quality. Too many accessories might just weigh it down.

These photos were taken yesterday, and as I look out my kitchen window today it’s awfully gloomy out. Good thing I took advantage of the apprehensive sun yesterday!

Sweater from Gap, skirt was my mom’s, shoes from Aldo, purse from Club Monaco, gold bracelet and ribbon ring I’ve had forever, simple silver ring from my boyfriend, and shield ring from Peru.

Have a happy weekend!

  1. I love the skirt, I’m also into vintage, cool ring of course! I live in Peru 🙂

  2. Very nice look!
    I got two similar skirts myself, makes me feel so graceful!

  3. Michele C said:

    LOVE this!!! the pastel skirt goes so well with the shoes!

  4. Dying over that powder blue skirt, so stunning! Also loving the stripes on top, proof that you can wear pleats like this in a casual yet chic way.

    Alexandra xo

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