Golden Casualty

To a lot of people, gold pants are crazy. And they kind of are. BUT! I think they can definitely be worn just as casually as any other pair of jeans. These shots were taken at school and even though a lot of people looked at me between classes, I think it was because the gold jeans are more unusual than peculiar in this outfit. I definitely tried to tone down the THEY’RE GOLD JEANS factor and create a casual everyday outfit with them. Also, it was a bit cold so I had to layer up (I’m wearing a thin tank underneath everything that you can’t see).

It’s a little owl! Have you noticed that the random animal necklace to have right now is the owl? Well this necklace was actually my mom’s which she got decades ago. Amazing how things always come back in style, as cliche as it sounds. My mom’s currently in Vegas with all her old lady friends. I told her to gamble a little and win a lot!

Men’s striped sweater and purse from Club Monaco, men’s denim shirt  and headband from H&M, gold jeans from Joe Fresh, boots from Aldo, necklace was my mom’s, skinny belt was my dad’s, sunglasses I picked up from Mintage

Happy belated leap year! Did any of you do anything remarkable?


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