Keep Me Warm

It was such a gorgeous day! I was helping my boyfriend with his film project today at these railroad tracks so we took some photos for the blog too. Despite the sun, it was still a little chilly so I decided to finally debut this jacket that I’ve had since October. I really needed a new winter coat and I’m still in love. My favourite part?

It spins! Oh, this coat has such lovely movement and I get so many compliments on it; one of my best purchases to date.

Dress is Wilfred, coat is ASOS, tights from Daiso, booties and clutch from Aldo, floppy hat from H&M, leather gloves from Club Monaco

Finally… it looks like I’ll be blogging from England this time next year because I just got accepted to the University of Manchester!!!!! Here’s to more sunshine!

  1. Beautiful outfit (as always) and congratulations for getting into Manchester! 😀

  2. Lovely outfit! And congrats. I’m actually a student at Manchester myself, I hope you really enjoy it here! :]

    • Thank you! Its almost surreal to me that I’m actually going to be living, studying, and (hopefully) travelling the UK.

      • Well I’ve lived in England for the whole of my life, so if you have any questions about anything don’t hesitate to ask :]
        I’m actually really jealous, I’ll be going into my final year next september and haven’t done the study abroad thing, except for a 3 week programme in China this coming easter. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing experience

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