It’s All Just Cementics Anyway

Finally, a new post! Also… I know it’s a terrible pun. Regardless, I am  so in love with this new tribal necklace I bought, I’ve been looking for one like this for awhile. I am a big proponent of Joe Fresh and these desert booties are evidence that they’re doing great things. My only complaint is that I wish their sizes were smaller! Their bottoms are often always too big even at their smallest which can be really frustrating. But I digress, these booties are so comfortable, affordable, and stylish!

These photos were taken underneath and around my library since it was raining. They were also taken by my friend Henry on super short notice — thanks Henry!!

I’m finally on my reading week!!!!!! I’m breathing a big sigh of relief because I’ve been feeling really drained and lethargic lately. It’s also been hard to blog because of the bad weather, but I’m determined to make up for the lack of posts this week… along with sleep, and a ton of readings.

Necklace and cardigan (Cotton + Candy) bought off Nasty Gal, tank top from Urban Outfitters, denim shorts from Uniqlo that used to be jeans, shoes from Joe Fresh, purse is Rebecca Minkoff

  1. Lori said:

    LUUURve the boots. Fab.

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