Sunday Songs: Recipes

At the dinner party the women
who intends to make love to my husband
tries to give me a recipe.
I have too many now, ones
I’ve saved for years from magazines
as if they’re messages
of love or wisdom
that will teach me how to live.

They spill from drawers,
from the pockets of my bathrobe,
the pages of my books. Still
she persists, reciting
the ingredients: smoked salmon,
a cup of cream, lemon,
green onions, garlic, and basil.
You’ll love it, she says,
and don’t hold back–
it’s the spices
that make all the difference.

Later when we’re home
exchanging stories about the party
before we go to bed,
he says her name out loud,
three times
in the course of conversation
as if he likes the sound of it,
as if he savours each
creamy vowel, each piquant
consonant on his tongue.

I am brushing my teeth.
I pretend I haven’t noticed.
At least, I tell my self,
I’ll know if he’s been with her —
the smell of garlic
where her fingers sweep across his belly
just below the novel
the oh so delicate taste of
basil on his skin.

— Lorna Crozier

I first came upon this poem a year ago in class and I loved the subtle accusations, the connotations, and the overall tone of the poem; so salacious. Also, Lorna Crozier is Canadian!

Sorry about the lack of posts. I’m finally into my Reading Break and pulled two all-nighters last week trying to get my papers in and studying for midterms. Hopefully it’ll stop raining so I can take some pictures this week! Hope you’ve all been more well-rested than me.

Here are some photos taken from my boyfriend’s personal film SLR, some of which are the last shots before his F-1 was stolen.

Perhaps I’m just a sentimentalist, but there really is something special about film photos.

  1. I love film photos! I have to agree that there is just a special quality about them that you can’t get with digital (unless cheating with photoshop). Anyway, they are lovely pictures of some lovely outfits. And that certainly is an interesting poem!

  2. Haha I should show my boyfriend that comment about ‘cheating’ with photoshop. He’s a firm believer that you should be able to create any effect using the camera only. Thank you for the wonderful words!

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