It took us forever to find a place to take photos with good enough lighting and came upon this empty classroom. We decided to take a “slackers” type of photo shoot.
My outfit: random touque, flannel is TNA, pocket t is from Urban Outfitters, faux leather leggings are from Top Shop at The Bay, lace-up booties are from Aldo, purse is Fendi, bangles from H&M and spiked bracelet is from Forever 21

His outfit: touque and t-shirt from H&M, coat is from Obakki, jacket is Adidas, chinos are Levis, shoes are Y-3

Meet my incredibly stylish friend Mike!

How would you describe your look for today?
– Urban Intellectual

What does style mean to you?
– For me, style is a very unique form of non-verbal communication. It’s an outward articulation of what’s going on inside your head/body/heart. It’s another medium for people to express their creativity or personality. It’s something to discuss, admire and aspire to. It’s a way of saying something, without saying anything.

Style is very important to me because it’s how I present myself to the world. We live in a very visual society where assumptions are made and opinions are formed about one another based on a glance or a look. When I put my outfit together, I think about the non-verbal messages that I am sending out. Clothes are the main part of that message, but for me, it’s not always about having the most expensive clothes: it’s about the final product from mixing and matching the right clothes.

What is your personal style?
– personal style is a compilation/mix-tape that takes inspiration from a lot of sources. I’m a big fan of Asian street fashion, classic English heritage and casual American style.

Tell me about your shoes:
– The shoes are Y-3, which is a collaborative brand between Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto and German sportswear/lifestyle brand, Adidas. I bought the shoes because I thought that they beautifully represented the marriage between the two labels: Adidas, which is known for its footwear and urban sensibility and Yohji Yamamoto who is famous for his avant-garde/edgy approach to fashion. These shoes are definitely a statement piece and a favorite of mine.

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