Sunday Songs: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let me languish in the ecstasy of our love

With unbridled ravenous passion while youth allows discretion to withhold

Let me celebrate in the extremes of sentimentality before matured contentment begins to seep into the pores of passion

Let me love with the absence of time and retribution

Let me gorge in the inexhaustible bliss that knows no end nor rest

Let us be beautiful forever in the glories of enviable youth

And when time finally claims its victory and we succumb

We shall remain standing with wearied wrinkled smiles


I know it’s a little early, but I thought this poem would be nice for Valentine’s Day, especially since it has no title. I always have trouble coming up with titles for things, I mean, Shakespeare and Browning never gave their sonnets titles right?

These photos are of me and my co-host for our Valentine’s Day auction, and I think we’re rather adorable. Especially in the photo below.

Photo credits to Camille, again!


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