Spring Flirtations

I’m back! We replaced the camera that got stolen and we also borrowed my supremely awesome friend Andrea’s camera as she was so incredibly generous to lend it to us. Click here to see her blog.

I bought this cocoon coat way back in October and I love it! So comfortable and cozy, I just throw it on top of any outfit.

I. Just Couldn’t. Resist. These shoes.
Also, I’m so glad I bought these jeans at the Gap when I did. The subtle print flows so well into the texture of lace. Plus, mine are SO much cheaper than the designer ones being sold elsewhere!
We have had some beautiful sunshine lately, and it’s making me really itch for some spring. Unfortunately, the temperature isn’t an exact reflection of the sunshine so I put together this pre-spring outfit. With a bright orange lace top, a white envelope clutch and hairband, I’m hinting at the spring that is ready to blossom (hopefully).
Hairband from H&M, coat bought from Asos is Vila, top is from Aritzia, jeggings from the Gap, clutch and shoes from Aldo.
  1. bugwear said:

    Wow – L.O.V.E those boots!


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