Past Presented

Ever since I cut my hair back in May, I started to become more conscious of balancing the masculine and feminine. This outfit is definitely one of my more androgynous ensembles, but I enjoy this balancing act.

I dug the blazer out of my dad’s closet, and it’s around thirty years old! I love all the little details: the elbow patches, the maroon inner lining, the single leather part of the lapel that I have no idea what purpose it serves, and the boxy silhouette. I’ve paired it with these ankle boots which also evoke that vintage feel with the oxford toe front. I love that they have a slight heel, and they’re actually one of my most comfortable pairs of shoes!

Men’s hat from Zara, blazer was my dad’s, button up from Joe Fresh, faux leather leggings from the Top Shop capsule from The Bay, shoes from Aldo, purse is Louis Vuitton.



  1. I cannot emphasize enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes!! And the outfit looks really great altogether. 🙂

  2. Lori said:

    Love the boots with this outfit!

  3. Lexie said:

    I love your style, it’s really beautiful.

  4. Natasha said:

    Why would anyone show off low heel boots? In my opinion, there’s truly nothing great or spectacular about them or pleaseeducate me.

    • That’s fine, you’re completely entitled to your opinion. I created this blog on a public space to chronicle my own sartorial stylings the way other bloggers do. When I look at other bloggers, I go through their posts in hopes of being inspired by something — a unique juxtaposition of prints, a beautiful palette, daring accessories, or the whole ensemble itself. I might not like everything in a post, or perhaps not anything, but that’s okay because their perceptions are not obligated to complement mine. This is what makes blogging so great; everyone has their own individual ideas and is able to communicate them. So if in your opinion there is nothing special about these boots, there is no need to ‘educate’ you to persuade you otherwise as your perspective need not agree with mine.

    • Kaitlin said:

      Your are definitely entitled to your opinion. However to your comment I must respond that it’s not the height of the heel that is important, but rather the overall feel the boot/shoe lends to the overall outfit. I personally feel that the boots are beautiful, and love the detailing that is subtle due to the colour.

      Why someone would show off their boots? Well DUH because it’s part of the outfit. Wouldn’t it be odd if someone pranced around in an outfit post and wasn’t wearing shoes? Of course it would be, because every little thing makes up an outfit: the clothing, the accessories…the SHOES.

      Here’s your education, and please be more open to accepting a broader view on fashionn and life. Also, if this seems agressive it’s because the tone of your words frankly put, is rude.

      • Wilson Lau said:

        DAYYYYYMMMMMMMMMMMMM. she said it, we’s be all thinking it.

  5. Ofelia said:

    I love the whole androngynous looks! great styling!

  6. dorhora said:

    It’s all about the entire ensemble, and you look FABULOUS! Since I have a closely shaved “do” now (see Grace Jones), I had to learn how to balance my wardrobe as well. I see so much more of me now and not the hair, so I’m loving the challenge! BTW, you have definitely mastered how to rock your style to perfection. And the boot,…well, it’s all in the details (like everything else). 🙂

    • Wow, thanks so much for the lovely compliments!!! Seems like we’re on the same boat in terms of hair and I completely understand what you mean you can see more of yourself with a lack of hair. Thanks again, I really appreciate it 🙂

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