White Out

I am desperately hoping that this winter freeze is going to melt away like ice cream in the microwave, but I doubt that will be happening anytime soon. In the meantime, I’m going to exploit my coat for all its warmth and instant glamour.

Coat from Banana Republic, shirt was my mom’s, necklace was my great aunt’s, skirt is from Zara, tights are from Daiso (LOL), ankle booties and clutch from Aldo.

  1. Dienna said:

    Red and black are the perfect color combination. They work with that white lace top.

  2. 144east said:

    ditto! Red, black, and white are such a classic combination.

  3. D... said:

    I love it when Mom’s things come in handy. Your haircut makes me want to go super short too. But I fear I would miss my long locks way too much. Is there anything special that prompted you to go so short?

    • I used to have really long hair too, it came to just above my waist. I had essentially the same look for so many years so I was really tired of looking the same after every cut and I figured, ‘why not? Hair grows. If I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it’. I’m not sure if getting my hair cut was a direct consequence of changing faculties, but I did make the leap from taking commerce to being an Arts student around the same time — a truly monumental step in self-actualizing. I wouldn’t worry about cutting off your long looks. It’s something you can always say you at least had the courage to try, right?

      • D... said:

        I think sometimes those life decisions do correlate. Actually I do cut it shoulder lengths every so often, but never dared to go so short. But it looks so chic on you my dear. It makes me wonder.

        Usually I love cutting it because it feels like a clean fresh start. I also try and wait till it’s about 12 inches so I can donate it for locks of love. I love when I can support a good cause.

  4. Dracula said:

    I’m not a lesbian. I still want to eat you. #fuckingcreepy

  5. really love your shoes and the pop of red color.

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