Denim Undenied: The Canadian Tuxedo

(Un)fortunately, the following photos WILL contain a fully-clothed me. The sign is meant for those who are returning from the beach, which just happens to be a nude beach. Sadly for my boyfriend and I, we saw no nude people braving the cold with everything on display.

I’m wearing the ‘Canadian Tuxedo’: a denim button up with jeans! I decided to up the ante by accessorizing with a denim purse which could lead to denim overload, but because they’re all different shades I think it all works and isn’t overwhelming.

These boots were my Christmas gift from my boyfriend. THEY’RE AWESOME. Why? Because they’re waterproof!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the enthusiasm but I just cant love these shoes enough. It rains so much in Vancouver and I really hate wearing clunky heavy rainboots, so when I found these off the Timberland website for $200 I had to have them as my investment boots. For the price, I actually think it’s quite reasonable. Hunters are made of just rubber and cost almost just as much, whereas these are leather and actually look like boots!!!!!!!!! (The enthusiasm has not died). Also, I think this rich golden tan colour looks great against denim.

I know the photo is overexposed, but I like it and kept it in anyway. Much to the chagrin of my boyfriend. =)

This beach, just to make you jealous, is a part of my campus. It is absolutely stunning no matter what the season.

And to cap off the post, here’s some craziness!

Scarf is from The Gap, cardigan is Propaganda from Plenty, men’s denim button-up from H&M, jeans are J Brand, boots are Timberland, purse is Fendi (given to me from my mom).





  1. Cerinthe said:

    I love how you put outfits together. Actually I work in a women’s clothing consignment shop and I mostly see Talbots, Ann Taylor, and Chicos but there are some precious things. We put outfits together for customers to see- my favorite thing about the job.

  2. dafarmer said:

    I’ll never be brave enough to wear a denim shirt! You pulled it off really well!!!

  3. Caroline D. said:

    I love that you are able to rock the Canadian Tux with pride! Plus those boots are great, might have to get me a pair. Please keep posting from beautiful Vancouver locations. I live out east and it’s nice to see pictures from home–as well as the outfits you put together.

    • I’ll do my best! I’m glad you’re enjoying the location of all the shots, maybe it’ll entice you enough to come back 🙂

  4. Perfect outfit….that’s one nice waterproof boots! Your boyfriend did well!

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