Darkness Indulged

I think this blog has been instrumental in forcing myself to choose bolder pieces. Up until this winter, I don’t think I ever would have considered fur, and now I have this black coat and a  vest! Of course, they’re both  faux fur, but they actually retain a lot of heat to keep me warm. Best of all, this one was on sale at Banana Republic! However, this has led to the slight problem of buying things with the excuse that it’s “for the blog!”. My fellow blogger and friend Gigi has a great nail polish blog and boasts a giant (growing) collection of polishes which she reviews.Click here to see her blog.

I wish you could see it better in these photos, but this full-length skirt is lace and the shirt has a bit more texture and sheen. I tied the shirt to make it tighter for better contrast against the flow of the skirt. With such a dark outfit, I added a very red based fuscia lip to create some dimension to the whole ensemble. Again, I love that my purse is a very dark green, and not black as it gives the purse more intrigue.

Its my second week back at school, and you can totally throw spit balls and paper wads at me, but I kind of love school. Aside from all the stress it provides, I love that feeling of truly gaining knowledge that is relevant and important to me. Hope you’re all doing well post-holidays!

Fur coat from Banana Republic, shirt from H&M, lace skirt from Forever 21, purse from Rebecca Minkoff, bangles from Plenty.

  1. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Lovely outfit. I tend to avoid dark colors but it looks splendid on you.

  2. This blog is beautifully done, as well as written. Your own individual beauty leads much to its beauty. I could easily see your picture in well known world-wide mags. Blessings in your individual journey of dreams and accomplishments.

  3. Nataya said:

    Love your look.I like it better with the fur coat. Vintage but glamour as well

  4. Rae said:

    I like your style!

  5. zenlifefrugal said:

    Great style! Totally unique and she really does pull it off quite well!

  6. Thank you all so much for the wonderful response, it has been really overwhelming! I truly appreciate your comments and compliments. If you’re so inclined, you can also follow me on twitter. My username is lalalalainat

  7. Much like my youngest daughter, you could wear a potato sack and be a knock out !!!


  8. madisoncary said:


  9. I think that, if you weren’t so small (or I wasn’t so big), I would love love to raid your closet.

  10. The fur coat really makes a difference! …. and that lipstick!! Woo!

  11. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! A fine post. Do please keep up the photos with text — photojournalism offers a completeness that’s very effective. And keep modelling — you’re a natural. — ADW

  12. Lucas Moura said:


  13. LadyT said:

    def a bold outfit but you pull it off very well! fab pics! love your outlook on learning as well 🙂

  14. Sean said:

    nice post 🙂
    i got new references about other place on the world now 🙂
    if u wanna looking for more references, just visit my blog too, ypu gonna see all the places all arround the word, i promise you that
    thanks 🙂

  15. chameleonic said:

    great outfit, love your shots too!

  16. oh my my! Graceful! very very graceful! Loved the dress and the background as well!

  17. rmv said:

    strikingly beautiful girl, but is this a freshly pressed ad for banana republic?

    • I wish, then I’d be getting paid! I really love the coat, which is why I went at length about it. It also was actually a really good deal, I snagged it for $55!

  18. Great outfit! I loved school too. So much better than real life!

  19. Chaks said:

    dark is my favorite, i like this post

  20. I’m not sure that I’d go with all black. But I love your hair style. 🙂

    Good luck with school and best of luck in being able to do what you love for the rest of your life!


  21. Great pictures! That is a good look for you.

    I also can very much relate to what you had to say at the end of the post about school – it is a great time, and one that should be enjoyed as there are few moments in life where you have the opportunity to explore your interests and gain knowledge without being succumbed to all of the pressures of the real world.

    I love the title of your post, and think that your new look is great – big fan of the handbag that you chose too. Best wishes, and have a wonderful day.

  22. dorhora said:

    Striking show of black on black using various textures and shades with only a touch of gold hardware…looking forward to browsing your archives and future posts! I’ll follow you on twitter as well. I’m @dorhora. 🙂 p.s. great cut, too!

  23. Mathews said:

    Nice Title.

  24. You pull off the black very well! I’ve always been afraid to try furs– I go to school in Boston so it’s definitely cold enough but I would just look like a furball. Sigh.

  25. pyarelal said:

    बहुत सुन्दर लग रही हो आप काली ड्रेश मे

  26. you really connect w/ the camera! Good luck with that english degree!

    • I’m not sure where you’re from so my answer may or may not be helpful to you, but I took these photos at Capital Hill in Burnaby, which is a city next to Vancouver.

  27. averybusygirl said:

    The skirt is gorgeous! I love it! Personally, for my own style I would be inclined to mix up the monochromes a bit and work a little more red in there… this look plus a red handbag would make it pop! I like that the outfit you’ve chosen is affordable and is very understated. I had a coat like that once… wish I’d kept it – it was turquoise and made heads turn. A great look, well done on FP! 🙂

  28. You are a stunning woman, and your stylish sense is captivating. btw, Love the green purse!!¨And BRAVO for loving school! Education is the way!!!

  29. rastelly said:

    I wonder where you can buy this fuzzy fabric?
    Fo – Fur is something that hobby shops don’t
    have a large selection of. The very little I do
    find has been a godsend when constructing
    my fuzzy owl figures – but I would like to make
    them in many differen’t colors!

  30. Absolutely classic!

    Cheers and greetings from Ukraine!

    R. A. O’Rayne

  31. dragonfly said:

    Great choice with the faux fur: stylish and compassionate!

  32. The selections are of the high fashion flavor, what with the sheer fabrics and lace. The modest styling does give the feel of a buttoned up and serious student. Great choices for embarking on a new year and semester. Also want to compliment you on going bold in your accessories!

  33. poppiesandlilieslifestyle said:

    Stunning photos and great blog x

  34. adetob said:

    That’s just fantastic and great! I wish I could wear one!

  35. clayer said:

    Your photos are amazing! I would definitely like to follow you.

    I am chronicling the year with a photo a day — trying to find the inspiration in everything — every day!

    Would love for you to follow me in my journey too! http://aphotoaday2012.com/

  36. Tams said:

    Beautiful dress and the photography is excellent. Simply elegant!

  37. Liz Mariani said:

    I like the green purse, as well. I would have gone for a 3/4 length sleeve myself but I really like how you put this together. School pressure is a great muse.

  38. I love faux fur! I have a double-layered black velvet metalhead jacket with a faux fur collar, crisscrossed zippers, studs and buckles. My favorite jacket and it’s very warm 🙂
    Thanks for the post. You look great!

  39. everyone should have a long lace skirt!

  40. Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed…this is my 1st semester back in school in years. I love the black..i am just getting into wearing all back everything…i like the backdrop as well.


  41. Lori said:


  42. I love that you pick fur to highlight what is new and bold for you. I remember this past year picking a faux fur piece in white and thinking “I would’ve never worn this before!”

  43. Great post and pics! I’m really finding your blog interesting! Please feel free to take a look at my blog! I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

  44. Svetgat said:

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