Every year, it’s tradition for our family to take family photos in our living room in kimonos. My mom is trained in classical Okinawan dancing and thanks to her, she is able to assemble us in these beautiful kimonos at the start of every year. Some kimonos are from her own collection, some have been given to us from other family members. Meet my sister! The kimonos we’re wearing are made from silk, and there is SO much that goes into just wearing these properly. You can’t tell, but I’m wearing like six or seven ties in total sucking me in, its the Japanese equivalent to a corset. The long sleeves are only worn for special occasions, and in Japan, turning 20 is when you officially become an adult. Thus, my extremely long sleeves.

There is so much intricacy in the print, the obi, and the overall construction of these kimonos.This wasn’t exactly a “fashion” post, but hopefully you all still enjoy it. The lighting was really difficult to work with inside, but it didn’t turn out too bad!

  1. aorecord said:

    Hi I came to your blog via “Freshly Pressed”. Just wanted to say your’s and your sister’s kimonos are very pretty. How long does it take to get dressed in one? And does it take as long getting out of it as you do in?

    • Thank you! My mom is the one who dresses us and she’s very meticulous. Putting it on correctly takes about 15 or 20 minutes with lots of pulling and tightening of the various ties that aare and aren’t visible. When we take the photos she’ll do little touch ups as well. Because it is constraining, we;re always eager to disrobe ourselves and finally let our chests and stomachs relax. All in all, taking it off is done in about a minute, though we’re careful not to ruin any of the pieces. Sorry, that response turned out longer than I thought, but I hope it gives you a better idea on the process of wearing kimonos!

      • aorecord said:

        Your response length is just fine πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing and am looking forward to your new posts.

  2. how fascinating! i take it you’ve just turned 20? congrats! you should do more posts about japanese culture. and i love your hairstyle too πŸ™‚

  3. unpetitfauve said:

    I found your blog via Freshly Pressed, and I love it! This post especially jumped out to me. These kimonos are absolutely stunning, and I love how the obi are tied.

    It seems our blogs are kind of similar. I’m a recently-graduated English major who also posts about artistic expression (with a focus on clothing). I look forward to reading more of your posts!


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Best of luck to you in the post-graduate world of potential existential crisises, i’ll be joining you soon enough πŸ™‚

  4. LadyT said:

    My grandma is okinawan… when my silbings and I were younger she got us all kimonos and we took pics in them. This post made me happy πŸ™‚

  5. Hey i just found ur blogg !! And i must say I love it , specially the traditional! i really love it when one doesnt forget their roots, Im a fan of Japanese cultur, and love your dresses!

    Check out my blogg if you’d like :D!

  6. These kimonos are stunning – so intricate and beautifully designed! You and your sister look great and its so cool that you’re both keeping your heritage relevant to your lives.

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