This shirt was my mom’s. I love the details: the hook buttons, the pleating around the collar, the way it moves.

These flower earrings are just a tad oversized for my lobe-less ears but I love the creamy colour and the softness that it evokes. And yes, those are goosebumps, it was actually pretty cold!

Fur vest and belt from H&M, blouse was my mom’s Lucky Brand jeans, purse from Club Monaco, shoes are Chelsea Crew  from Plenty, earrings also from Plenty.

Hope you all celebrated new years with the people you love. I took the plunge for the third year in a row participating in the Vancouver Polar Bear Swim with some of my  awesome friends. Here’s to an auspicious start to 2012!

Photo credits to Joan!

  1. The Hook said:

    You’ve successfully channelled my era! Well done!

  2. brookebm said:

    This outfit is perfect. I am in love and may be replicating it tomorrow.

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