Happy Holidays!

Sorry for the long hiatus! I’ve been working everyday and on my days off there has been no sun to take pictures! Hope everyone’s holidays have been full of laughter and love.

Lace on lace! And I absolutely love the little stars that are scattered across the blouse, topped off with a bow tie. Best of all, I got the shirt on sale! You can’t quite see it in this light but I’m wearing 5 inch suede wedges that are AMAZING. They give me the extra height without the pain, and pretty much go with every outfit. Trench coat from Japan, blouse from Jacob, skirt by Tulle with ring from Plenty, tights from the states, wedges and purse from Aldo

I hope you’re all as stuffed and full like I am from Christmas! My sister made five different types of cookies so that was my breakfast for today and I’m off to my boyfriend’s house for round two of omnomnom-ing!

  1. AHHH i love your tights, please give me your styleeeeeeeee

  2. dianaqi said:

    Hello, are you chinese or Japenese… i can’t believe that your picture are 100% alike myself when i was young like you…

  3. SLTaurz said:

    You’re right. You’re shoes ARE amazing. 🙂

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