My boyfriend takes my photos for me, and he always gets me to laugh when I look serious. I really hate ‘posing’ and ‘looking natural’ because I’m really bad at it and I have naturally awful posture. Regardless, this outfit is an outfit for school, hence the flats!

This necklace is the closest thing I have to a ‘statement’ piece, and it always garners some compliments. I’ve been in dire need of flats and I absolutely LOVE these leopard print flats.

Blazer from Aritzia, shirt from Paris, necklace was my great aunt’s, pants from Zara, skinny belt was my dad’s, flats from Aldo, satchel from Peru.

My trip to Peru was… not the greatest. But at least I got this great leather satchel! It’s the type of leather that you know is just going to look better with age, and it ups the ante from the typical backpack for school.

  1. Dara said:

    Great outfit with a slight accent of the leopard print. You wore it well

  2. Your necklace is amazing! Hope it’s the first of many more “statement” pieces for you. I really believe they are such a good way to make an outfit pop.

  3. dorhora said:

    Comfortable, classy ensemble…I knew the satchel was a one-of-a-kind purchase…absolutely finishes this look beautifully along with your great aunt’s necklace pendant!

  4. awesome!! i’m fat and i want to wear this kind of dress!!! you’re really cute

  5. What an awesome satchel…definately worth the trip I hope.
    From what I’ve seen, you look beautiful in whatever style you wear, and I enjoy seeing the variety.
    Take care,

  6. Betsy said:

    These pants look great on you! It seems like you are having fun with your looks. Keep up the great work!

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