Pleats and Pretty Things

It’s been some beautiful Fall weather lately, so I had to capitalize on the rare opportunity of sunshine. And by this, I mean I made my boyfriend take silly photos of me (thanks, boyfriend!)

This was a very pretty outfit. There was a very similar pleated skirt from Club Monaco that I couldn’t afford; luckily I found this one for a third of the price. My oversized wallet doubles as a clutch which forces me to carry the bare minimum which is always a challenge, but the deepness of the blue against the gold is really lovely. I also love the scalloped details of the lace shirt, it’s scalloped on the arms as well, though its covered. The best part about the shirt? It’s OLD. Like, THIRTY YEARS OLD. It used to be my mom’s, same goes with the skinny belt, except that used to be my dad’s. And in case you’re wondering, no — they are very complacent with their style now.

Faux fur vest from h&m, lace shirt used to be my mom’s, button-up from Joe Fresh, belt used to be my dad’s, oversized wallet from Marc by Marc Jacobs, shoes from Aldo.

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