PoP! Goes My Heart

Sorry for the glare of the above photo. Just trying to capture the subtle polka dots and the details of the gold flower belt.

The title is from the really awful movie Music and Lyrics, but this one song with music video is so perfectly 80’s, it’s AWESOME.

I love the the brightness of the red skirt, makes a great pop for this whole outfit. But the best part of this outfit is that I barely paid for any of it, it’s mostly from my mom! See? Fashion always comes back. These wedge heels were a great purchase, bought them two years ago (I think) and they’re about 5 inches high but quite comfortable! I’m 5’3 and I always wished I was taller; I would make my boobs even smaller if I could be just a little taller…

Blazer and skirt from Zara, blouse was my mom’s (also 30 years ago), belt was my mom’s (same thing), random tights, Aldo shoes, vintage Nina Ricci bag borrowed from my mom.

  1. joyangg said:

    you look beautiful. I love your skirt!!

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