I mentioned before that I love puns, right? Animas, as defined by means an individual’s true inner self that in the analytic psychology of C. G. Jung reflects archetypal ideals of conduct, or, the feminine component of a masculine personality. This works great with my beliefs on style which I’ll post later on, and on the theme of androgyny that I’ve been playing with. Ever since my hair cut, I’m more careful about balancing masculinity and femininity in my outfits. And, animas, is also in the word, animal.

I never used to think fur was for me. But ever since I bought this faux fur vest, I can’t stop wearing it (which is great because I’m super broke and probably shouldn’t have). I also love the snake-skin print on these jeggings, under different lights it’s subtle and obvious.

I apparently look really morose in these photos so let’s end it with a really big smile (=

Faux fur vest and some of the bracelets from H&M, baggy t from Urban Outfitters, studded bracelet from Forever21, jeggings from The Gap, Dad’s old YSL belt, Rebecca Minkoff bag, ring I’ve had since I was about eight.

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