Welcome to Amuseume

I suppose a good place to start would be to explain the title of the blog. Well, I originally wanted something like amuseme, which would be a triple entendre on the words amuse  and muse. Amuse is self-explanatory, and muse would mean both my musings and muse for the photos that are to come. Unfortunately, the name was taken, nor am I willing to put up the money to have my exact desired name, as I am a broke ass university student. Hence, amuseume. It’s still full of puns as it contains “amuse”, “muse” and “museum” and “me”. Museum fits in because this blog will be like a collection of… me.

Thematically, I want this blog to be about fashion, the arts, and my own personal musings. I have absolutely no intention of spilling my heart out for the world to read, but if I have some opinion not regarding my emotional state of mind, then I’ll publish it. The most insight you’ll get from me is probably my poetry, which may or may not expose my vulnerability.

Why did I start this blog? I have been procrastinating and deliberating whether or not to start this blog for about six months now and I have finally come around to doing it! I still have some reservations but I guess I’ll set them aside and persevere in the daunting and debilitating task of blogging (please understand that was sarcasm). I think I have a certain stylistic eye when it comes to my own sartorial choices. I also think the arts is an under served facet of life. I want to show some of my own and others’, thereby bringing it some attention.

I used to have really long hair. This is me in February on the left, and then me pretty much now with crazy looking boyfriend:











I definitely think a lot has changed both externally and internally since these two photos had been taken. When I cut my hair in May is when I also started to contemplate creating this blog.

Well, here goes!

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  1. Way to punch your procrastination in the face!
    I look forward to what you have to share! 🙂

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